Team List

(11 checked in)

Team Name School Hybrid School Debaters Checked In
Where's my Rep? American University Emmanuel Murphy, Jonah Goldman Yes
jelly beans Barnard Devyani Goel, Emily Ringel Yes
Yeezus and Disciple Chicago Andrew Kamen, Drew Harrington Yes
Northwestern WX Northwestern Eric Wang, Harry Xie Yes
choshuWu and simpsuma precture NU Tufts Dennis Su, Nicholas DeVito Yes
never rodda give you up NU Brown Gabbi Shilcusky, Sandy Greenberg Yes
smith grubs smith Hannah Platter, Jenna Sutherland Yes Tufts Kyle Cook, Ryan Cook Yes
Penn Anthony Fauci Stans Upenn Anish Welde, Charlene Canning Yes
W&M that astronaut meme W&M George Anderson, Lucy Augustine Yes
Williams 16k Williams College Tai Henrichs, Yannick Davidson Yes